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Bernard Leach: His Miraculous Achievements

Sunday, June 13 – Sunday, August 22, 2021

Bernard Leach: His Miraculous Achievements

Organized by: Committee for Promotion of Mashiko Culture Town, Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art
Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, British Council, Shimotsuke Shimbun, Tochigi Television, TOCHIGI Broadcasting, F.M. Tochigi Broadcasting, Moka Shimbun
Period Sunday, June 13 - Sunday, August 22, 2021
Closed Mondays (except for National Holidays / the following Tuesday instead)
Opening Hours 9:30 - 17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Admissions Adults 600 (550) yen, Junior High / Elementary School Students 300 (250) yen
*( ) indicates prices for groups of 20 persons or more.
Seniors (over 65years old) 300 yen (Please show proof age.)

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Bernard Leach (1887-1979), the father of British studio pottery, and Hamada Shoji (1894-1978) built the Leach Pottery in St Ives, Cornwall, in 1920, just a century ago. Leach first encountered making ceramics in Japan, where he developed deep friendships with Yanagi Soetsu, Hamada Shoji, and other leaders of the Mingei (Folk Craft) movement. Fascinated by the beauty of East Asian ceramics, Leach dedicated himself to achieving an amalgamation of their beauty and Western aesthetics. Having established the Leach Pottery as his base, he not only created his own work but also proposed the idea of Standard Ware, with his colleagues at the pottery collaborating in its production. Moreover, through his writings, he enlightened the world about the nature of the potter, enhancing the value of pottery as an art form in the West. Leach’s lifelong achievements are quite astounding.
This exhibition will be an opportunity to consider anew how the spirit of the potter that Leach sought was realized and in what form that spirit continues to be received and handed on, 100 years later.

Bernard Leach, Large platter, galena glaze with design in slip: “Mermaid of Zennor”,   1925
Ohara Museum of Art
©The Bernard Leach Family, DACS&JASPAR 2021 E4188
Funaki Kenji, Large bowl with bird design,   1970s
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art
Ichino Shigeyoshi, Jug with poured glaze,   1971 Janet Leach, Black vase with white glaze,   1980s
Hitomi Museum of Art
Richard Batterham, Vase, iron glaze,   c.1998
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art
The Leach Pottery, Large glazed milk jug,   1950s
Matsubayashi Hosai, Tea bowl with hakeme decoration, ash glaze,   2015
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art


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