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Shoji Hamada’s Journey to the West -Museum’s Collection of Overseas Ceramics-

Saturday, July 18 – Sunday, September 27, 2015

Period 18 July – 27 September, 2015
Closed Mondays (except for 20 July, 14 September and 21 September), 21 July
Opening Hours 9:30 – 17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Admissions Adults 600 (550) yen, Junior High / Elementary School Students 300 (250) yen
*( ) indicates prices for groups of 20 persons or more.
Seniors (over 65years old) 300 yen (Please show proof age.)


Shoji Hamada (1894-1978), the potter representative of Mashiko, was a lifelong lover of travelling. He travelled all over the West , including the UK, France, the US and Mexico, and cultivated dialogue through ceramics with the local people everywhere he went. At Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, we are continuing to build on our collection, beginning with works from the UK where Hamada first laid his foundation as a potter, extending to other excellent ceramics from the West. In this exhibition, we will introduce approximately 60 pieces in relation to Hamada, with a focus on our new collection of works by overseas ar tists. We hope to convey the allure of Western ceramics through the life of Shoji Hamada, the extraordinary potter.

Shoji Hamada, Plate with painted hakeme design,
1963, Mashiko Sankokan Museum.
Phil Rogers, Bowl, ash glaze, 2012.
Richard Batterham, Vase, iron glaze, c.1998. Janet Leach, Unglazed faceted bottle with handles, 1982.
Warren MacKenzie, Drop rim, 2009. Jeff Oestreich, Bowl, 2009.
Graziella Díaz de León Toussaint, Pot, 2002. Julian Stair, Five Teapots and Caddies on a Ground, 2013.
Elizabeth Fritsch, Wide-mouthed flask.
Jennifer Lee, Blue, haloed band, olive rim, 2013.


  • Shoji Hamada
  • Bernard Leach
  • Lucie Rie
  • Hans Coper
  • William Staite Murray
  • Francine Del Pierre


2014 New Collection Artists

  • E. B. Fishley
  • The Lakes Pottery
  • Janet Leach
  • Richard Batterham
  • Phil Rogers
  • Elizabeth Fritsch
  • Martin Smith
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Tina Vlassopulos
  • Edmund de Waal
  • Julian Stair
  • Chris Keenan
  • Carina Ciscato
  • Sun Kim
  • Walter Keeler
  • Lisa Hammond